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Japanese manufacturer introducing USB Liquid-Sparying Comb

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        Nowadays,  USB ports are known as the universal data ports,which shines a light of hope to the eletronic manufacturers. And so, more and more creative USB-connectable products have been invented. Japanese manufacturers Thanko has introduced a very creative product, which is a hair &spray-in-one USB comb.

        For the everyone, maybe specially ladies, mirror and comb are daily must-have items. What a conveient thing it is, to comb your curly or fuzzy hair while browsing on computer. The new USB comb only need to connect the USB port to  conveniently spray conditioner and combing your hair. Because of its built-in spray humidifying device, while combing your hair, it can also smooth and straigthen your hair .The introduction of this product, and its plug-and-comb design  significant saves time on your daily combing routine .


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This product is developed by the  R & D Department and produced by Audiowell, supports and lanuched  by Japanese manufacturer Thanko. Audiowell uses Ultraosonic Techonology to atomize and spary the water in the comb., Patent Number: ZL201120285693.5 ZL201220110970 .3

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